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    ...sound makes music...

    Originally Highroad was a traditional pipeband as it's known from scotland. In the meantime we developed in another way. Indeed, we still play traditional scottish irish music, but now we expand it and interpret it with our own style. Even contemporary music and "classics" are part of our repertoire. In this context, we link the traditional, strong and sharp sound of the scottish pipes and drums with the softer sound, the easiness and good mood of irish folk music.


    On the repertoire page you can find a list of our currently played tunes / sets with their timings and tune types. As you can see on our repertoire, we don't exclusively play military/regimental style (in contrast to purely traditional pipebands), but also play lots of modern tunes. Besides the alltime "bagpipe favourites", we surprise our listeners regulary with new, contemporary sets as well as well-known melodies in a new shape.



    Based on our traditional instruments as played in typical pipebands, we encircle their sounds mainly with a guitar. But we also play - depending on location and occasion - with alternative instruments like smallpipes, whistles/flutes, bodhran, cajon, ... As the great highland bagpipes are mainly designed for "open air application" and are therefore quite loud, the alternative instruments provide an opportunity for unobtrusive background music with their quieter and softer sound - especially in smaller room like pubs.

    Bagpipe Tenordrum Snaredrum Bassdrum Gitarre